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1 month + DVD + E-book

Set included next positions: 1 month online training, RGSI DVD 2013 (or 2015) and PDF file RGSI Book - real help for athletes and coaches which take part in competitions - September 2016 RGSI event
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price $240

2 DVDs set - 2013 + 2015

2 DVD set - 2013 + 2015
Level - Master of sport
Technique of Jerk, Snatch and LC (DVD 2013) and planning of Jerk *(DVD 2015) its a great opportunity to get quality products at 30% discount
By Igor Morozov - 12-time champion of the World.
The shipping is included.
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price $109

3 months + RGSI Girevik T-shirt

Great possibility to get FOR FREE RGSI Girevik T-shirt and pay only for 3 months kettlebell online trainings from 12-time world champion Igor Morozov.
All about technique and programming of Jerk, Snatch and Long cycle!
price $500

Kettlebell Coach Set

Kettlebell Coach Set is include e-version of DVD and e-version of book "Level 1: Foundation of Modern Girevoy Sport" for effective organization of KB trainings! Save time and money from post service shipping!
price $99

Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

Сertific. Rules In this section you will learn the rules of certification RGSI coach on russian kettlebell lifting.   Certificate RGSI coach allows you to train on the Russian kettlebell lifting in a professional manner, step by

LC plan - example
Snatch plan - example
Lesson 1 Coach Profi
Personal workouts
Ranks table