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Kettlebell calendar RGSI 2013 January

Workouts with kettlebells section is designed for fans of Russian kettlebell lifting, as speakers at the event in the classic Jerk, Snatch or Long cycle, and practicing girevoy sport training to strengthen the body's functions.
Benefits of Workouts with Russian kettlebells unique!

Because the trajectory of the Russian Kettlebells in the performance of the Jerk, Snatch, Long cycle is diverse and represents a movement along the arc and the vertical, the athlete develops the muscle groups of the body at the same time, in the coordination bond.
This allows a time to burn a lot of calories, as in any other sport! Gets engaged harmoniously developed slender yet strong figure at the professional approach to girevoy sport training in a short period of time, get rid of excess fat, muscle gain excellent drawing and relief, look natural!

For dealing with martial arts kettlebells workouts online under the guidance of an experienced RGSI kettlebells coach will add strength to the grippers hand strength in kicking, and most importantly - develop general endurance to unprecedented heights!

Proceed to RGSI kettlebell coach accreditation seminars registration!   

At the time, the opponent will get tired and run out of steam, our athlete will continue to struggle or fight tirelessly through inclusion in training exercises with Russian kettlebells  and using learning DVD-Rom RGSI and RGSI manuals!

Kettlebell Calendar RGSI 2013
The great advantage is the ability to perform sports categories in kettlebell sport at any age, for both men and women in a short period of time! Kids start at level weights 8 kg for males and 6 kg for girls, adults - with kettlebells in weight of 12 kg for men and 10 kg for women!

Russian Kettlebells can be engaged both in the gym and at home - in the yard, in the garage, in the bedroom, balcony, kitchen, etc.
Russian kettlebells can take with you on trips, they take up little space in the car thanks to its unique teardrop shape! But do not forget to securely for safe driving!

You can do Workouts with Kettlebells for itself, but as proven by scientific research, active in sports person with a specific purpose (discharge record, competitions), much better improve their health and get a lot more enjoyment out of playing sports, making sports a part of their life, not releases workout, finding new friends and traveling to competitions!

The section Possibilities a detailed description of the proposed service - On-line kettlebell training.
Also, you will learn that you can get free help top athletes and coaches in the girevoy sport world, taking part in a lottery RGSI!
Under Personal workouts with kettlebells is described in detail the system of online team training RGSI, reveal aspects of cooperation is beneficial to our organization, the main task of putting real help athletes achieve good health and high Russian Girevoy Sport results!

Kettlebell Calendar RGSI 2013 March
The author specially designed RGSI rankings allows the athlete to improve sportsmanship in steps without abrupt jumps, going from light to medium kettlebells weights, and then - to the grave, without the risk of injury.
The system also sports categories used by the team during RGSI certification seminars on kettlebell lifting.
The following section describes the Ranks rules (including on-line test) for the sports category.
Sports category allows you to compare your level of development in comparison to your friends, is a powerful motivator for hard Russian kettlebell training!
Begin Information Form carefully read, send the amended information to the email address all new students who have subscribed for the first time on-line kettlebell training or planning to participate in the seminar.
Detail the information will kettlebell coach RGSI create a unique training program tailored to your possibilities and wishes!
In the Athletic perfomance of KB workouts are athletes from around the world who are our friends and signed up for the on-line training. Here is a dynamic increase in their personal kettlebell records from the start of cooperation with  RGSI TEAM kettlebell coaches!

Online kettlebell test will remotely assess opportunities athlete from RGSI coach. This reason athlete are performs kettlebells test of certain weight and claims assignment RGSI rank remotely.

Coach gym one week of personal kettlebell training at the coaches gym is a great opportunity for kettlebell lifter to improve their technique significantly lifting Russian kettlebells.

The basic rule of our work is to provide professional assistance to athletes, expressed ultimately to strengthen all five physical qualities, the pleasure of well-written training program, winning prizes in competitions run sports results and setting new kettlebell records!
RGSI team hopes for a long fruitful cooperation and wish you good health and prosperity!

Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

Rank 3 List   Certificate №/ Rank Name Country Issue date Expiration date Weight category/ KBs weight/ Discipline Result Jerk/ LC reps Snatch reps Biathlon reps Volu

LC plan - example
Snatch plan - example
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Personal workouts
Ranks table