Ivan Poddubny is famous Russian wrestler

Our motto is: Kettlebell Sport - for everyone!

Historically Russian athletes have been leading the charge in development of competitive kettlebell sport.

Nowadays athletes all over the world can learn kettlebell lifting through internet.

However, explosion in availability of information about kettlebell sport posted on YouTube, web sites and blogs may create confusion in novices and even more experienced kettlebell lifters as to the correct kettlebell techniques and training.

The mission of RGSI Team is to help you understand all the fine aspects of kettlebell lifting, provide comprehensive up to date information about the sport and ultimately help you find and build your own way in the world of girevoy sport.

To get you started, RGSI Team Mission is developed a section of free educational materials.

You will have access to a wealth of resources including training videos, photos, hands-on examples, training programs  and research articles.

For those interested in a long-term relationship with girevoy sport RGSI Team Mission have developed a variety of online training, seminars and educational materials which will help you advance with kettlebells.

Moreover, Mission of RGSI Team provides one free spot at each of its seminars. To apply for a free spot, just register and write a short essay describing the reasons and why you think you can qualify for a free participation in the seminar!  

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Mission of RGSI Team is each month will conduct a Facebook lottery.

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RGSI Team look forward to working with you advance in kettlebell sport!

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Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

Begin Information Begin Information   1. Name - 2. Age - 3. Weight - 4. Country/City/Town/ full adress 5. Website,blog, e-mail - 6. Injuries, Health problems - 7. How many years in GS - 8. Personal Records (last three years) –

LC plan - example
Snatch plan - example
Lesson 1 Coach Profi
Personal workouts
Ranks table