A collaboration with the command of professional kettlebell coaches RGSI, athlete has access to the following Possibilities:

1 Possibility. Effective preparation for participation in the girevoy sport competition.

2 Possibility. Improving lifting techniques Russian Kettlebells.

3 Possibility. Increasing personal sports records.

4 Possibility. Performing sports categories and receive official certificates RGSI.

5 Possibility. Development of five physical qualities.

6 Possibility. Weight loss by getting rid of fat reserves.

7 Possibility. The harmonious development of muscles.

8 Possibility. Significant increase in mental qualities athlete through proper motivation high results.

9 Possibility. Choice of training period of 1 month to 1 year.

10 Possibility. Receive discounts on seminars RGSIservices and kettlebell products RGSI.
Certificate on-line training

11 Possibility. Ability to complete a 4-week online training for certification kettlebell coach.

12 Possibility. Features Free 7-day training course in person at the gym coach RGSI paying one year of online RGSI kettlebell training.

This methodology of training Russian kettlebells with training team RGSI aimed at athletes, formed to take a significant improvement in athletic performance in Russian girevoy sport while increasing physical qualities and promoting health.
For effective training requires the use of sports shoes, RGSI kettlebell manuals and RGSI kettlebell DVD-Rom.
Possibilitues RGSI kettlebell workouts to continuously improve athletic performance of athletes is achieved through gradual increase of the level of general and special endurance, strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility of the athlete, as well as through a balanced personal training program and ongoing work on technique lifting Russian Kettlebells.

Morozov Igors seminar in Israel 2011

The basic principles of a workout RGSI online.

The methodology training online RGSI team enables us to provide professional assistance to athletes in the distance, when the coach is not there in the gym.

Athlete is quite difficult to master technique economical lifting Russian Kettlebells on the basis of self-directed learning - need help of a professional Russian coach. Planning methodology effective ketlebell workout is even more complicated process, because it depends on many basic data: gender and age athlete, weight, height, structure, shape, stage of development of the five physical qualities and mental constitution, the variety of sports equipment (weights of kettlebells, exercise machines, barbells) previous injuries or health restrictions and other factors.
Coach analyzes the data using the form originally Begin information, and then the analysis of the athlete receive weekly workouts and videos.

The possibility of personal training each week a student from the kettlebell coach RGSI produces professional program required volume and intensity, including special training with Russian kettlebells, general fitness training and aerobic exercise cardiovascular athlete.
Getting results week kettlebell workout allows the student to coach RGSI program in a timely manner for the next week and adjust the month program, if necessary.
The possibility of cost-effective technology is achieved by lifting Russian kettlebells communication coach and athlete on Skype. It is often difficult to explain the technique lifting Russian Kettlebells in an email or on the phone - much more effective is its demonstration kettlebell coach Russian Girevoy Sport Institute and correction of errors apparent on Skype lifting techniques kettlebells student.

For periodic testing of athletes online using specially developed for this purpose RGSI rankings and RGSI Kettlebells Rules for testing allows for efficient and safe for athletes to increase athletic performance and prepare him to speak at the kettlebell sport event.
As tested each athlete receives an official kettlebell rank certificate RGSI, and subject to the standard of the master of sports or the master of sports of international class - plaque of wood and metal.
Opportunity to review the achievements of athletes with online testing is presented on page Athletic performance.
SPORTMAN has the ability to select the amount of online training from 1 month to 1 year in the store page RGSI Personal Workouts.

Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

Rank 2 List   Certificate №/ Rank Name Country Issue date Expiration date Weight category/ KBs weight/ Discipline Result Jerk/ LC reps Snatch reps Biathlon reps Volu

Jerk plan - example
Fitness KB video
Personal workouts
Ranks table