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One week of personal kettlebell training at the coaches gym is a great opportunity for kettlebell lifter to improve their technique significantly lifting Russian kettlebells.


One week of personal kettlebell training is recommended for beginners at the stage of cost Russian kettlebell lifting techniques, and advanced kettlebells lifters in order to economization of existing equipment lifting Russian kettlebells in the Snatch, Jerk and Long cycle.

One week of personal kettlebell training can fix machinery lifting Russian kettlebells that are difficult and time corrected RGSI kettlebell coach online.

When you work in one week of personal kettlebell training, the RGSI kettlebell coach is next to the athlete and every second person is ready to point out the problem, to offer special assistance exercises for athletes clearly demonstrate the proper technique.

Such a practice is necessary for athletes serious about professional sports and kettlebell lifting are planned in the near future victories in international competitions.

Period of 7 days for personal kettlebell training a random choice, as it allows the RGSI kettlebell coach not only to point out the problems, but also to secure the athlete's technique improved lifting Russian kettlebells at the primary skill.

Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

Rules certificate In this section you will learn the rules of certification RGSI coach on russian kettlebell lifting.   Certificate RGSI coach allows you to train on the Russian kettlebell lifting in a professional manner, step by

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