Handle Kettlebells pretreatment

Handle pretreatment for performing a competitive kettlebell exercise.


by Igor Morozov,Russia,

international master of sport,

12-time word champion,

7-time champion of Europe,

4-time champion of Russia.

personal best with 32kg kettlbells in 10 minutes:

Jerk – 159 times   Snatch – 200 times   Long cycle – 92 times.


For qualitative handle pretreatment it is necessary to have some chalk (magnesium), emery paper  in 3-4 sm width and average length of 30-40 sm of average grain diameter, a sheet of dense paper, a damp rags, a rasp.

It is usually required from 2 to 4 minutes for preparation of each kettlbells handle.

  1. At first it is necessary to put the kettlebell on a sheet of a dense paper and examine the handle.
  2. Before the chalk application the kettlebell handle should be furbished of paint, rust, sharp metal grains, aged chalk and dirt.
  3. If the handle is covered with paint, it must be removed with a rasp, removing the metal burrs at the same time.
  4. Then it is necessary to pass the emery paper through the kettlebell handle, take it for the sides and clean it off dirt and aged chalk with vigorous movements. Movements should be performed in a direction perpendicular to the handle.
  5. Then it is necessary to take a damp rag and rub the kettlebell handle and then the core.
  6. The dirt gathered on the paper should be thrown out to the bin.
  7. The handle is ready to be covered with chalk.  It is important to remember that the kettlebell handle should be damp for the better chalk covering.
  8. Fill the palm with chalk, get a palm in the handle and begin to cover the chalk with a small effort.  Movements should be performed in a direction perpendicular to the kettlebell handle.
  9. You should strive for equal covering the handle with the chalk (about23 mm). It is effectually to tilt the kettlbell towards a processed surface.

10. After the finishing of kettlebell handle pretreatment it is necessary to collect the unused chalk to the airproof plastic tin.

11. Before the lifting the kettlbell the sportsmen should wash his hands with soap and warm water and cover them with the chalk as well.

12. Properly prepared handle promotes the close contact with the skin (low-slip), absorbs sweat and enables to achieve greater gains in JERK for 30 percents.

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