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RGSI seminar in Denver USA March 2012In this section you will learn the rules of certification RGSI coach on russian kettlebell lifting.
Certificate RGSI coach allows you to train on the Russian kettlebell lifting in a professional manner, step by step, mastering the intricacies of training in girevoy sport.
Under the terms of coach accreditation rules, to obtain a certificate RGSI coach you have to choose one of the convenient ways - personal presence at the workshop for a period of two (Level 1) to five days (level 4 and 5) or distance education.
Private participation in the seminar can become certification RGSI coach for Russian kettlebell lifting from 1 to 4 levels, on-line kettlebell coach certification - only level 1.
Israel RGSI seminar January 2011  Training at the kettlebell seminar RGSI consists of theoretical and practical parts.
The syllabus is composed in such a way that the practical part of the work with russian kettlebells and a theoretical part well together and did not cause extreme fatigue student, promote quality learning.
Every day sessions at the workshop RGSI takes 8 hours - part 2 of 4 hours with a lunch break 1 hour.
According to the coach accreditation rules, along with getting the theoretical and practical knowledge of the seminar students take the test for performance sports category.
According to the coach accreditation rules on RGSI seminars, if successful sports category for kettlebell lifting seminar participant receives a certificate RGSI coach, corresponding to the level of the workshop.
Italy RGSI seminar February 2012  In case of unsuccessful execution of the Rank test the student receives Certificate of Participation Workshop.
To obtain a certificate RGSI coach in Russian kettlebell lifting in the event of a failed test-taking at the RGSI workshop can be further test-taking sports category on-line, check it by coach RGSI and send the certificate by post to the student home adress.
Under the RGSI coach accreditation rules, all participants receive a free RGSI educational materials on the Russian kettlebell lifting in English language and RGSI kettlebell souvenirs.
Distance learning of RGSI coach ideal for coaches and athletes which want to save money and get professional advice in their spare time in the online mode.
Swedish RGSI seminar November 2011A system of training  on-line coach certification in kettlebells is Level 1, which has already been tested and received a confirmation of the high level of efficiency for student learning!
As a result of the passage of training RGSI seminars (link calendar of RGSI events 2013) on Russian kettlebell lifting and conduct online training with one of the coaches RGSI (RGSI Team link), the student is able to carry out their own teaching seminars under RGSI name and assign sports categories from Rank 5 to Rank 1 (Ranks table link).

Forward to a long fruitful cooperation and wish you good health and prosperity!

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