The work of the feet at the Jerk of kettlebells

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The work of the feet at the Jerk of kettlebells

The technique of kettlebell lifting, as in any other, there are many "little things", which is entirely dependent on the overall coordination of movements, breathing and result in general.
Pay attention to the foot.
In the available literature there are no clear recommendations for the location of the foot when the push Jerk with Russian kettlebells.
Which is the correct type the work of the feet at the Jerk of Russian Kettlebells?
The foot is in contact with the support, the support reaction force redistributes the overlying segments of the musculoskeletal system and play an important spring function, it provides stability and grip feet with the ground.
If the amortization phase the main task of the foot - mitigating impact on contact with the surface, in the period of reliance on the whole foot - a problem of the foot - the redistribution of energy for the effective implementation of the next phase - pushing away from the support.

For stability on the platform to train athletes in weightlifting shoes.

Mitigating the inertial load at the push of a complex set of weights is joint and ligament, which connects 26 major bones of the foot, which emit 3 longitudinal and transverse arch. Load - the weight of the body and Russian kettlebells - is distributed evenly on the front and back part of the foot - a support distributed between the heel first, fifth metatarsophalangeal joint (bases 1 and 5 toes) and the outer edge of the foot. The front and rear of the foot are connected to a single kinematic chain powerful elastic tendon - plantar aponeurosis, which spread-eagled like a spring returns the load arch to its original position. In the formation of the correct arch active role belongs to the leg muscles.

Online training with coaches RGSI Team and use the analysis of video and chat on Skype will address these and other problems in the art lifting Russian Kettlebells.

 Three-point foot support with uniform static load characteristic of the support phase on the whole foot, and in repulsion phase (in the phase of support to the front office), the load is transferred to the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot and big toe.

Personal contact with a large number of young Russian kettlebell lifters showed that a large part of them are either misunderstood the meaning of what the stop point for the platform at a push, or do not pay attention to this detail, or just about does not think.

Select the main errors in the feet:
1) Eversion of the feet, toes inside - the main load is transferred to the outer arch feet with focus on front. Putting the soles of the feet occurs when flattening of the longitudinal arch of the foot legs when weak muscles of the foot and lower leg legs not able to give the necessary firmness his foot to "close" the bones of the foot springing into one connection that biting, hard work his foot.
2) The support is not on the entire surface of his foot, but only on its outer edge with a uniform load distribution between front and rear arch - the cause is the same, the weakness of the longitudinal arch of the foot up. The consequence of this technique is not only a pain in the feet, but the trauma of the ankle, working in no physiologic conditions.
3) Shifting the burden on the heel, which is manifested by a margin toes platform. This technique greatly reduces the effectiveness of push - try to jump on the ground with the heel.
4) Shifting the burden on the toes. Rejection of a uniform load on a foot leads to premature fatigue of muscles of the foot and lower leg legs (in proportion to the load imbalance in the front and rear legs of the foot).

Understanding of the correct mechanism of the feet will improve your results in a Jerk Russian ketlebells, to avoid injury and pain in the feet, increase the effectiveness of professional kettlebell workouts.

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