Ranks rules

Ranks RGSI Rules for assigning kettlebells sports category.

Ranks rules - the athlete`s kit.

1. The athlete`s elbows and knees must be open.

2. It is allowed to use the athletics belt.

3. The width of the bandage on the wrists should be not more than 12 centimeters, and not more than 25 centimeters for the knees.

Ranks Russian Girevoy Sport Institute rules - Equipment and inventory.

1. The Kbs weight should differ from standard by no more than 100 grams.

2. The athlete must compete on the platform no more than 1,5 × 1,5 m (surface must be made from rubber or from wood).

Ranks RGSI rules - Rules of the exercises.

1. On implementation of exercise the athlete is given 10 minutes.

2. The judge makes the weigh-in of the Russian kettlebells in 2 minutes before the start, the process confirms the video taping.

3. Starting from the weighting of KBs and during the competition of athlete the video taping must be held immediate.
The video is made by two cameras with the aim of insurance.

4. The judge counts to 5 seconds before the start the control time: says: “ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Start”. The judge declares the control time every minute.

After 9 minutes the control time is declared after 30 seconds, 50 seconds; the last 5 seconds - every second (5,4,3,2,1). After 10 minutes to the end, the referee gives the command "Stop" after which the lifts do not count.

5. The judge on the platform counts loudly the each properly executed lift of the Russian kettlebells.

6. At the moment of the KBs High Fixation, trunk and legs must be straight (as it usually refers to the snatch and to the long cycle).

The Fixation (the stop of athletes and KBs motion) in position at the top and when KBs put on the chest must be visible and punctuated selection.

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7. In a Jerk the command "Stop" is generated by lowering the KBs from the chest, and in setting Russian kettlebells on your shoulders and elbows in a dilution of lasting more than 3 seconds as well.

In a snatch the command “Stop” is generated if a sportsman lost KB on first hand. In this case, the general result in the snatch is counted by dividing the number of properly executed lifts to half. In case of dropping KBs on the shoulder to relax the command to change hands or "Stop" (for second hand) is generated.

When sportsmen compete in long cycle, the command "Stop" is generated in case of loosing one or two KBs or setting them on the platform, and setting KBs on your shoulders and elbows in a dilution of lasting more than 3 seconds as well.

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8.The command "Count out"  is generated in case of absence of fixation in the chest or high fixation, or boosting KBs at the top as well. 


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Comparative analysis of rankings: RGSI, RGSF, WCK, IKFF
What follows is excerpted from an upcoming book to be published in the US. Author Igor Morozov Master of Sports World Class Author of current ranking tables of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RSSF) and Russian Girevoy Sport In

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