Olga Yaremenko


Olga Yaremenko, MSIC (Master of Sports of International Class), holder of the absolute world record in women 24 kg snatch – 190 times.

Olga Yaremenko began training with Russian kettlebells in 2008 and in 2010 won Junior Championship of Russia and achieved Master of Sport Rank by snatching 24 kg kettlebell 103 times.

Olga Yaremenko achieved MSIC rank at the Open Championship of Europe in Chelyabinsk in 2011 where she also became the absolute winner of the competition in 24 kg women snatch.

Throughout 2011 she consistently increased her performance in 24 kg Russian kettlebell Snatch and established a personal best of 174 reps at the IUKL

World Championship in New York in the fall of 2011.  

In January 2012 Olga Yaremenko has established the absolute world record in women’s 24 kg snatch – 190 times.

To date Olga Yaremenko is a multiple winner and record holder of Russian, European and World Championships and holds the title of the absolute winner in women snatch at the European Cup in Belgorod (May 2012).

She is also the world record holder among women in the 58 kg weight category.

Olga Yaremenko is a graduate of the Zabaikalsky State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky where she obtained a degree in sports and exercise science.

An accomplished all-round athlete, Olga Yaremenko is also a candidate in master of sports in weightlifting and is a ranked track and field athlete.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors, listening to rock music, playing her guitar and composing her own music. 


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